Community Engagement

Lutheran Campus Ministry does many activities, and we also like to do activities that connect us with our community. These range from activities with our sponsor churches to activities that connect us with our community.



Every Advent and Lent, LCMers write devotionals for our supporting churches and for the people who support us financially and with their many gifts. We team up with Canterbury Episcopal Fellowship, which is another student ministry at NAU (who fondly refer to themselves as our Episcapeeps). This past Advent, we printed 350 devotionals. These devotionals reflect our student diversity, as well as engaging students with scripture and how it pertains to their life.

food for the homeless and hungry

Once a month, we go to the Flagstaff Family Food Center. We make over 100 sack lunches for the homeless and hungry, and several LCMers deliver them to various organizations around town the next day.


Dinner musical

Every spring, the students produce a dinner musical. The musical is student written, students act in it, students write the songs, and students direct and produce it. The meal is also planned, prepared, and served by students. Every aspect showcases the variety of talents that our students have. The musical is performed in 4 churches around Arizona.